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10) ******Danielle is an amazing advocate! Being a parent advocate first she has that Mama Bear mentality with her amazing knowledge about the laws that protect our children and knowledgeable about different services for them. She always has my son's best interests in mind. I Love knowing she has my back, sometimes even the strongest Mama Bears need back up! Stacey P. 2019


11) Written by Gigi  5/24/19 😊🙏🏻❤️

“If you want someone by your side who knows and understands the regional center system and the education system and will fight hard for you while being honest with you - you want Danielle by your side. She is also very knowledgeable with first hand experience working with Self Determination. If you want the best, you want Danielle. If you want an honest, understanding, compassionate bulldog by your side, you want Danielle. I have seen her work for and achieve services and benefits that many thought were unattainable. As others have said if you want peace of mind, you want to be working with Danielle”




12) BY LEORA L. 2019


What can I say about Danielle Alvarado as an advocate. Of course, she is an awesome advocate and yes, she can fight harder than anyone. Yes, she will get you what you need for your child like a barracuda in a pool of fish. But what she really does is give you peace of mind. It’s hard enough being a parent of a special needs child and when you have Danielle in your corner you have your peace of mind. You can rest assured that you can put your energy into your child and let Danielle do the heavy lifting. Danielle gave me peace of mind. I knew she would be the warrior that I needed to fight my battles, so I could concentrate on what was important, my child. So if you want peace of mind and someone to be by your side she is your girl.


13) ****Dear Danielle, There is no way I could have gone through this without you. You are the rock that lifts me up when i am down. Thank you!! I really wish we could have met under different circumstances, like... at the spa or dinner with Brad PIT HAHA!! But, god had a different plan for us... All my love Ponciana!



14))****We are writing this letter to highly recommend Danielle Alvarado as a "family advocate".

Danielle has been our "family advocate" for our two special needs grandchildren for the past several years. Our thirteen year old granddaughter has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and our eleven year old grandson has been diagnosed as autistic.

During the time that Danielle has been our "family advocate", we have seen tremendous growth in the total capabilities of our granddaughter and grandson. This has been due to the tireless efforts of Danielle and her expertise in the area of family intervention services, her close working relationship with medical, social and school personnel and her extensive knowledge of the educational laws relating to the rights of children.

To show how clearly Danielle's advocacy efforts have helped our grandchildren, let us explain in detail. Last year our grandson was placed in a special day class for autistic children in a public school. This turned out to be a major debacle. Our grandson was not progressing academically and his behavior was declining. The situation was so unacceptable that we contacted the State and informed the authorities of the situation. The end result was a settlement being reached between the school district and our grandson. The settlement resulted in our grandson being transferred to a private school of our choice for autistic children at the expense of the school district. The school district is also covering the cost of our grandson's one-on-one aide. Our grandson's academic achievements are now higher then before and he is continuing to learn on a daily basis. Additionally, his behavior has increased greatly further enhancing his learning capability.

These improvements in our grandson could not have been achieved without the extraordinary advocacy efforts of Danielle. Her knowledge, experience and determination guided us through the process and saved our grandson from losing ground to where is now functioning at a higher level.

Danielle truly loves being a "family advocate". This is what makes her so formidable as an advocate. This is evident by her always being available at anytime to respond to any situation that might arise. She is always well prepared and ready to advocate at any meeting called to discuss our granddaughter or grandson. She is not intimidated by other professionals and never backs down from achieving what are grandchildren are rightfully entitled to. She does not hesitate to go the "extra-mile" if necessary to bring about positive changes for our grandchildren. If results are not achieved at one level, Danielle immediately goes to the next level. The word "quit" is not in Danielle's vocabulary!!!

Danielle has been a blessing in the lives of our grandchildren. We are very fortunate to have a family advocate who passion is helping families and children receive the rights and benefits that they are entitled to.

-----Steve and Maggie 




15) **To Whom It May Concern:



It is my sincere pleasure to acknowledge Danielle Alvarado?s expertise in the area of Autism and advocating for the rights of all students. I have worked with Danielle for the last three years as the School Psychologist at the school where two of her four children attend. In addition, I have participated on IEP teams for cases that Danielle acts as an advocate for.



Danielle has always been willing to work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of students remain the top priority. She looks at the issues from all perspectives and demonstrates respect to everyone, even when she does not agree with their position. She understands special education law, and the intricacies of working within the public school system.



Perhaps more importantly than the work Danielle does for other families, she has gained her experience first hand with her own children, all four of whom have varying degrees of Autism spectrum disorders. She has had to attend to medication management, feeding tubes, heart disorders and severe behaviors from one child, while addressing the somatic complaints, anxiety attacks and sensory issues of another. I have never heard Danielle complain about her situation and she diligently meets the needs of all her children.



What I appreciate most about Danielle is her compassionate understanding of students with special needs. In addition, Danielle has excellent communication skills. Her tenacity is admirable and I would, without a doubt, trust Danielle to advocate for a loved one.








16) I am writing this letter as a reference for Ms. Danielle Alvarado. It is with the highest regard tht I recommend her as a patient advocate. I doubt that this letter alone will suffice to show you what a truly gifted and amazing woman she is but, I will try. I began when she was recommended to me by asking myself, what is an advocate?

I found that a patient advocate acts as a representative for indivuduals requiring assistance with their mental/health care needs. Patient advocates are found in hospitals, insurance companies and nursing homes or in my case, by accident. I can honestly say without a doubt that Danielle is the best "accident" I have ever had!!

Let it be known that I have a 20 year history in healthcare as a pediatric nurse, then manager, and now administrator and yet I found myself a novice when it came to mental health and obtaining the help I needed for my daughter. Everywhere I turned I got, sorry we cant help you or try over here. After 100s of the same responses I was beyond frustrated. Hence, I called Danielle.

Danielle Signed on to assist me in what we all thought would be a seamless and relatively smooth process. It so happened that my daughter's process has ran over 10 months now with some MAJOR upheavels all which, Danielle handled with grace, calmness, and the upmost professionalism. Never once has she threatened to quit, walk away, not do what she was asked to to do, when so many others would have quit on day one. Danielle consistently goes above and beyond and I am sure no one will regret utilizing her services. I would be lost without her invaluable assistance.

Danielle provided me with assistance by communicatig with doctors, insurance companies, maneucering my daughter throughout the health care system, finding legal resources, advocating for my daughters rights, and assisted with placement for residential. She has made 100's of phone calls weekly, been tough when necessary, and gotten amazing results. I find her to consistently be an advocate for the child but, also for the family as a whole.

She is fondly referred to as a "pit bull" because she just doesnt give up and in my case it was and remains exactly what we needed.

If you want someone in yours and your childs corner, I assure you that you will find no one better than she is, as she will not quit until she has exhausted all possibilities and even then, she continues on to find new resources and avenues to explore.

If I can answer any questions or be of further assistance, do not hesitate to call on me. As my professional relationship ends with Danielle, I assure you that her new one's will be a great boon for any who coose to employ her services.



17) To whom it may concern...

My name is Carol  and I have an autistic son, Mathew . Mathew had been exhibiting aggressive behaviors for about two years. I asked the school district for more support to minimize these behaviors but, they continuously put it off due to financial reasons. Mathew grew and became physically stronger as he became older. During this past year, his aggressive behavior along with his physical size and strength became a huge risk in the classroom. A risk the school district was no longer willing to take. His school expelled him and wanted to transfer him to a "warehouse" like facility. I visited this school and could never put my child there as a parent. I did not feel it fit his needs, at all.



I knew Danielle Alvarado through ability first Saturday program. She has four autistic sons. Her son, Anthony and Mathew were in the same program in past years. Our sons even had the same psychiatrist, Dr. welty, whom is an amazing doctor. Dr. Welty referred me to an " informative parent" to help me with my disagreements with the school district over the placement of my son. We were reacquainted by her referral. Danielle had been through similar problems with the school district over the well being of her sons. She became so knowledgeable in the laws, policies, and procedures of the care and education of disabled people, she became an advocate for other families and began helping me.



The school district had made me feel that I was asking for too much. Danielle educated me about what Mathew was really entitled to. She showed me how to be my son's voice. Danielle's passion, generosity and love for disabled individuals transforms into her professional ability to articulate her knowledge about our rights as parents. She never took "no" for an answer and encouraged me to do the same. She fought for my son with such vigor and drive, as if Mathew was her own child. Danielle remained so professional and confident in our requests that she left the professionals speechless in our meetings with her wit. Eventually, the school district began complying with Mathew's true needs. She proactively researched and found, a school for autistic children. Danielle contracted the founder/ director of the school to make sure it was the right school for my son. We visited the school together, and I love the school and staff. Mathew will be starting soon.



Honestly, I was not and am not as educated, articulate nor as professional as Danielle has been through this whole ordeal. I was not aware of my son's rights and did not have the means to research information. I trusted the school district's authority over the education of my autistic son. Since Danielle has intervened in this battle for Mathew, I have already seen a drastic change for the better in my son, and my outlook for his future. I see a horizon of promise and hope for my son in the future. If it were not for Danielle, I believe there would have been a very different outcome to this fight. She has empowered me as a person, and mother to my son. There are no words, actions, nor any amount of money that can repay her for what she has done for my family, for me, and for my son, Mathew.



Sincerely, and ever thankful,

May 12


18) To whom it may concern:

I have known Danielle Alvarado for over a year. Hiring Danielle was the smartest move I ever made. Dealing with a developmentally disabled child can be an enormous undertaking in itself, but fighting the school districts, regional centers, behavior companies and insurance companies, is much more difficult.

Most of the time i fought everyone on my own, and was some times successful, but the strain it put on me and my family was enormous!

When I was given Danielles number, I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Everything was falling apart, I was suspicious of abuse at my sons school and he was regressing. The behavioral companyI had in the home was horrific and the school district would not let me change placement. I was running on empty and could not fight anymore!!!

One day out of desperation, I called Danielle.

The rest is history. Danielle "The Pit bull" as I like to call her, listened to everything. Dissected my sons records, put on her gloves and away she went!!!!! School problems:: HANDLED!! New Placement granted.. School District, Handled!! they funded new school and behavioral company, Regional center, HANDLED!! funded new behavioral company for home and gave more hours of respite!! Having her at an IEP, or Regional center meeting Or IPP is WONDERFUL!! I no longer feel tense or stressed.

Now I am calm and relaxed. Hiring Danielle Alvarado to fight for my son was one of the best moves I ever made. For the first time in fifteen years, I feel someone is on my side and will fight with me for my son!!

Thank You Danielle, for giving me peace of mund!!



19) From a Parent of a child, Danielle Helped:

"Danielle has been a much needed source of knowledge, advice and support for our family. She is willing to listen and is someone that knows what she's talking about as she has real life experience! At her suggestion we got an EEG for our son and found out after years and years of trying everything that he has epilepsy! He does not display the obvious signs of this illness and we are thrilled to have something now that we can work with. I would recommend Danielle to anyone who has a loved one with special needs." From, M.D.

Service Category: special needs support advocate

Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity



20) To whom it may concern

Re: Danielle Alvarado



Dear Sir or Ma'am:



I write today to recommend Danielle Alvarado for the position of advocate for disabled individuals.



I have known Mrs. Alvarado for three years. during that time, I have grown to appreciate her advocacy skills, her ability to do research on needed resources for children, her ability to masterfully handle difficult, emotional issues with a high degree of professionalism.



I would like to give you some examples;

First, I have seen Mrs. Alvarado under the most stressful of situations and I have watched with admiration as Mrs. Alvarado negotiated the process with a calm demeanor.



Second, I have personally worked with Mrs. Alvarado to design needed programmatic changes to classrooms that teach highly impacted special needs students. Mrs. Alvarado's expertise and her skillful advocacy have generated lasting change in these classrooms - change that has benefited these students lives meaningful ways.



third, Mrs. Alvarado has been able to contact influential, noted personalities to obtain research, data, guidance, advice. Her ability to connect with personalities from all walks of life is amazing.



Fourth, Mrs. Alvarado has the ability to be tenacious without being negative, working within social engines -- school districts, regional centers, and hospitals - that do not take criticism or change well. Mrs. Alvarado weaves her uncanny communication skills in all these settings without making the staff feel as though they are being attacked.



For all these reasons, I highly recommend Mrs. Alvardado. Please call with any questions.




Terri Villa-

Safe r

21) Re: Danielle Alvarado



I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Danielle Alvarado , I do so happily.



I have known Mrs. Alvardao for ten years in a California Unified School District. During that time she has worked collaboratively with our district to provide support to students in the general and special education programs. She has provided many creative and practical suggestions to teachers and staff regarding effective support and services that we have been able to implement.



Over the years we have found Danielle to be very effective and collaborative advocate for students. She has taken this role seriously, working with parents to determine their concerns and needs, and assisting the district in determining how to effectively meet those needs in a non- adversarial manner.



Mrs. Alvarado has a wealth of knowledge regarding special education law. She has done extensive research on disabilities and has shared her knowledge with others. Her knowledge base is impressive. Danielle also uses this knowledge to assist parents in understanding their child's disability while providing them with positive information on how their children can be productive citizens. Her advice is valued.



I recommend Danielle Alvarado for any University Psychology program she applies to. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.



Sheila Levy-Craven





22) Danielle, I wanted to say thank you for all your help with, my son and daughter. Without your help, I would not been able to handle having two disabled kids, as you know they suffer, from a rare genetic disorder and are affecting behaviorally as well as physically.

Your recommendation of a genetic Dr. as well as your intervention at their school, has made all the difference for them and I.



Their teachers and school district staff, in general have started to respond very positively, and I feel you educated them on really remembering that they are children, not just another number in the system. I hope you know how much you help families and give them hope that they do have a future. Thank You Danielle. I will always remember your help.



Sincerely, B. 






23) Hi,

My name is Mary Alvarez , we have a son with multiple disabilities. we met Danielle Alvarado whom one of our friends recommended, we were having so many problems with finding a neurologist, and with our school district.



Danielle was able through her own experiences with doctors, recommend a neurologist. we for the first time understand our child's disabilities, and without that recommendation, we would still be lost, now we feel like, we have a future as a family.



Danielle was able to access our school district, and help design a school program were my child can actually progress, and she helped write an amazing behavior plan.



Myself and my husband would recommend her 10 times over, she has her heart in the very right spot!!



24) My name is Tirana, I met Danielle Alvarado, through a parent whom she had helped back in 2002, and told me about her and said that she would help advocate for my daughter, who has Autism and mild Cerebral Palsy. I was so overwhelmed when I met her, but in one conversation, Danielle made me realize that I could find the strength to do what I needed to do to help my little girl.



I spoke at length and I explained to her the problems with her school and the lack of intervention, that she was receiving. Danielle within a day, got on the phone, and then met with the director and we had an I.E.P. within a week and a half.



I was able to get the services my daughter needed to help her progress into her future, I have met a lot of individuals having an Autistic child and I can say 100% that the disabled community is a much, much better place with Danielle in it, only after Danielle helped me, did I learn that she has four disabled, biological children, and then I understood, why she has such determination, and passion. I would recommend her anytime.



Thank you,




25)To whom it may concern: I have worked with Danielle Alvarado for approximately 8 years, I work for a large school district in special education administration, and we have had situations, where parents are upset and concerned with their child's care and implementation of services.


I can say that having Danielle Alvarado involved with these cases, has been a very beneficial aspect for the families and as a district. we have to provide what is necessary for these children, and not once has Mrs. Alvarado, come to me and asked for something that was not truly needed, and though at times the situations can become intense, she has kept the meetings calm and has considered both sides and always come to a logical and concrete consideration and found answers, when we have had roadblocks.



I would recommend her, as she is clear thinking and level headed and does her up most best to work with as stated, not only the families but, as a district too. Danielle is a benefit to all she works with. I thank her again, for all she has done and all she is doing.





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