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1) This Advocate is way more than an Advocate she takes her clients in like if they were her family members and us mom’s she becomes our friend especially in times of need. She listens because as a parent herself she completely gets it & after she listen she assures me it will change. I feel my son has a special momma bear around him because everyone know’s , yikes this is one of Danielle’s kids you best not mess with her cubs !!! She checks in on her cubs all the time too. Making us working mom’s feel supported at times & places we are unable to be. Besides having children she’s the SECOND Best Choice of my lifetime!!! Please contact me anytime for a more detailed recognition of TRUE TALENT as an advocate- DANIELLE ALVARADO ----- Ivonne A.

2) Being a mother of 2 boys on the autism spectrum is one of the greatest blessings but some days can also be extremely overwhelming. I have a 3 year old boy and also an 8 year old boy, and as you can only imagine with a full time job, school, all the appointments, all the therapy sessions, evaluations, driving, being a wife, mother and trying to be the best mommy you can be is not easy when your only 1 person. danielle was referred to me by a friend because my oldest son was restrained at school by his teacher over trying to tell his teacher he wanted his school double tied but he was saying bow tie. I was so emotional and with everything else going on at that very moment I felt alone, I felt helpless and all I knew was that I never wanted my son to ever be restrained again. No parents want anything to happen to their children especially when you are trusting that they are being taken care of at school. from the moment that I called Danielle Alvarado to meeting her in person before my sons school in person IEP I knew that she was not only going to be a damn good advocate but also a life long friend and family. danielle has a contagious personality and a HUGE passion for our children with additional needs that need to be met. danielle is extremely knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate, loving and oh my goodness she has a fight within her that encouraged me to step up my mommy game 100%. danielle worked/researched night and day all hours to make sure that we were both prepared to face the challenges that I was experiencing with not only this situation, school but also with the district. let me just say knew EXACTLY who she was when we showed up at the school and they didnt even try to play games, and when they tried, danielle was sitting right there ready and prepared to speak on my behalf, every single step of the way. after the IEP she continued to review notes and added what needed to be added with no hesitation. my sons experience now in the school setting has been amazing, behaviors from aggression have almost completely disappeared. the staff has a new found respect for us as parents and my son as a child as they should. doesnt end there, Danielle is always checking in to see how the boys and I are doing. she not only assists with schools, but regional centers, medical, IHISS, SSI, insurance questions..she knows so much and has been a complete life saver. I've told her this but I want you all to know that she has literally been heaven sent to us mommies who feel alone, overwhelmed, hopeless..she renews that through the partnership she has with you. I have done research and danielle is beyond affordable and reasonable, and was able to work with me. danielle is worth every penny I can promise you that. you will not be disappointed. danielle we love you and thank you again for everything!!!!! ------Jennifer H.

3) If only I’d met Danielle Alvarado years ago...My son was found to have an educational eligibility of ADHD in 2014. I crossed paths with Danielle in September 2018. Upon reviewing my son’s current IEP and various triennial assessment reports, she called to tell me she was 98% certain my son has Autism. She uncovered what 4 school psychologists, two directors of special education, the SELPA director of Autism Services, a SELPA behavioral consultant and 10 teachers missed. All of the signs indicative of Autism were present in his original assessment in 2014 including his goals. The signs of Autism carried forward in every IEP document since 2014. Danielle referred us to Dr. BJ Freeman who confirmed Danielle’s suspicion. Subsequently, Danielle continues to fight for the services and supports my son needs. She is also advocating for my younger son who has ADHD. Not only does Danielle supports my sons’ but she supports my husband and I. You will not find a more knowledgeable or compassionate advocate. -------------Jackie D.

4) Words cannot express how grateful my mother (Lupita G Guerra) and I are towards Danielle Alvarado. Last tuesday,, during the middle of a severe behavioral crisis, my fifteen year old, non-verbal Autistic baby brother ended up in an emergency room, heavily sedated and on four-point restraints.

After being told that there were no resources available for us by the doctors, having HRC be absent and being threatened by the Department of Child and Family Services, we felt like the situation was completely spiraling out of control and we had hit a wall. It seemed like the system was telling us that for trying to get help to stabilize and control my brother, we would have to legally abandon him. It felt like we were living our worst nightmare.

Luckily, God put Danielle in our path. In less than twenty four hours, she was able to turn the situation around for my brother and put us back in control and achieve to form a secure plan for him to return home tomorrow with us, my mother and I. Thank you for all of your incredible support. I’m amazed and so grateful for your hard work. Danielle Alvarado ------Claudia G.

5) I have two beautiful boys in the Autism Spectrum and I am so glad I have Danielle by our side. She is very dedicated and we can see how much she cares about our children.

There are not enough words to express how thankful we are to have Danielle in our lives. We needed someone who could relate and understand what my sons needed. Danielle is AMAZING!!!!! I call her my sons Fairy Godmother as she came to change our lives completely.

My youngest son is extremely aggressive not only towards others but himself as well. I had been requesting his previous school for extra support as he was being restrained at school and the list of behaviors I got weekly was extremely long and even with this he was not getting the support he needed to keep him and everyone around him safe. Thanks to Danielle my son is now getting all the support he needs. No more restraining and all behaviors are being addressed in a positive way. My son is now attending a school that specializes in kids with behaviors and has a 1:1. Danielle has come into our lives and has given us hope and Peace of Mind.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do for my boys. You’re an amazing person. Thank you for always being there for us and for all your support.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart. 🥰 ------Alma R.

6) Danielle is a very understanding and a hard working person for anyone who uses her services my sister and our family are so grateful for her help and services she goes the extra mile my nephew Isaac Delgado couldn’t be more blessed to have her on his side thank you!!-----Maria A.

7) Danielle goes above and beyond for families and their loved ones. I worked with a student for a very long time, whom I care very deeply for, but I could only do so much. Once Danielle came into the picture, everything turned around and changed for the better. In my mind, she saved her. I have and would recommend Danielle to anybody! ----- Adreinne B.

8) Danielle is the most compassionate and hard working advocate. I highly recommend her to anyone with a student w special needs. ----

Mary M.

9) I’ve worked collaboratively with Danielle in the school setting for multiple different clients across the last 3 years and I’ve had nothing but great experiences!

Regarding overall client care, you will not find anyone more passionate than Danielle. She often takes on families that are experiencing crisis situations due to the severity and/or the intensity of challenging behaviors and works tirelessly to ensure that they have access to the appropriate supports that are needed. Her in depth knowledge of the services and supports that can be made available through school and community resources for families in unmatched, which allows families to receive adequate levels of support to increase the quality of life.

Regarding the educational setting, Danielle’s advocacy skills extend beyond the IEP meeting. She is clear and consistent in her communication, often becoming an active member is solving any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. This also allows for quick and easy IEP meetings, as all parent concerns are addressed as they come up. She is also thorough in her review of documentation prior to the IEP meeting with parents and coming prepared with any questions or clarifications that may be needed. She often schedules observations (when in the nearby areas) to see the students in their educational setting as well.

Overall, Danielle’s collaborative approach to advocacy is extremely effective and refreshing. I cannot recommend her enough for families in need of a little (or a lot!) of additional guidance and support. THANK YOU! Catherine B. 

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